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Special Treatment Chemical Products

    1. Waste Water Decolorizer, XT-201 XT-201(Dicyandiamide and Formaldehyde Condensation Polymer) is a macromolecule decolorant of salt system. It is soluble in water, security, and non-toxic.
    1. Waste Water Decolorizer, XT-202 It can mix and conglomerate the pigments dissolved in dyestuff wastewater and surfactants to make them into a complex insoluble in water, then separate them from wastewater.
    1. Efficient COD Removal Agent The product is adaptable to changes of temperature, turbidity, alkalinity and organic content of raw water, and has a good removal effect of COD in the water.
    1. Chelating and Dispersing Agent It can be used as chelating agent in scouring and bleaching process; as leveling agent and dispersing agent in active dye, direct dye and VAT dye. It is equivalent to Hanker 540.