About Xintai

With XINTAI it's all about chemistry. We are one of the largest water treatment chemicals manufacturers in China, providing everything water treatment plants need timely and with superior quality. Proof of this is our extensive product lines of organic phosphonic acids, organic phosphonates, polycarboxylic acid antiscalants and dispersants, bactericides and algaecides, corrosion inhibitors, reverse osmosis chemicals, etc. Go with the flow in a healthy way with us!

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Our quality target is: rolled throughput yield over 95%, delivered product yield of 100 percent, customer satisfaction percentage over 90%.

We compare several factories before purchasing each batch of raw materials and have a test cabinet that does sample examination. We reject uncompromisingly the unqualified materials. For each batch of products, production technicians, laboratory technicians and test cabinet technicians will make a detailed proportion scheme.

1. We provide water quality analysis, formula selection, operation plan programming, water treatment engineering design and other technical supports.

2. We provide product development, customization, processing according the sample, free complex formulation, etc. All the production processes are completed by Xintai.