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Tolyltriazole (TTA, TTA-Na)

 Tolyltriazole (TTA, TTA-Na)

CAS No.: 29385-43-1
Molecular formula: C7H7N3
Molecular Weight: 133.16

TTA can be used as corrosion inhibitor of copper and copper alloy, it also has corrosion inhibition for black metals. This product adsorb on metal surface to form a thin membrane to protect copper and other metals from corrosion caused by air and other harmful subjects. The membrane is more uniform. When it is used together with MBT, the effect is even better.

Items Index
Appearance White or light yellow particle Yellow transparent liquid
Solid content % 99.0 min 50.0 min
Density ( 20℃ ) g/cm3 1.20
PH 1% 10-12
Melting point ℃ 80-86
Ash content % 0.1 max
Water content % 0.2 max

Dissolve TTA with alcohol or alkaline solution. Add it into circulating water system. The dosage is 2-10mg/L. If the metal is badly corroded, 5-10 times the usual dosage should be expected.

Package and Storage:
25kg plastic woven bag lined with inner liner polyethylene (PE) bag, or as the requirements of clients. Storage in room and in shady and dry places.

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