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R&D Ability

R&D Team
There are 120 employees in our company, including 35 technology research and development staff and 10 staff of senior and intermediate title. The technology center has chemical synthesis laboratory, and maintains a close partnership with a number of research institutes and universities such as Tongji University, Tianjin Chemical Engineering Research and Design Institute, Nanjing University of Technology, Zaozhuang University, etc. The technology center signed Industry-University-Research Cooperation agreement with Tongji University and employed a number of well-known experts and professors as technical advisers. The introduction of external research efforts enhances the technological innovation level of our company.

R&D Equipments
Our company has a large number of advanced research and development equipments, trains the R & D personnel. Our technology center has more than 80 sets of equipments for testing, detecting and analyzing, including the advanced equipments at home and abroad, such as rotary coupon corrosion test device, scale inhibition performance tester, electric mixer with precious reinforcement, biochemical incubator, etc. While, we also updated, upgraded and purchased new laboratory equipments and office equipments, realized the automatic detection and control of technological parameters during the product development process, thus making the data more accurate and complete. Our company invested 800,000 yuan in 2013 to introduce the ERP management information system, which greatly enhanced the operational efficiency of enterprise, enhance the link between the product research and development, production and sales.

R & D Results
Up to 2015, a total of 19 research and development projects have gained important achievements in scientific research. We transformed successfully 15 R&D projects, 5 projects passed provincial identification and inspection, 4 projects wait for the identification and inspection. The Phosphorus-Free Builder Research and Development Project are approved and initiated as "Municipal Science and Technology Planning Project", "Technology Innovation Project of Shandong Province", and other technology projects. We have four patents for the moment. 4 invention patents like POCA (copolymer of phosphono carboxylic acid) have been publicized, and another 9 utility model patents have been accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office. We have a registered trademark and 5 software copyrights. We led and participated in the revision of 3 industry standards. These new techniques and new technologies play an important role in the process of technological innovation and development in the water treatment industry.

Other Advantages
Customer resources: Our products are widely used in electricity, chemicals, petroleum, food, metallurgy, textile printing, papermaking, electronics and other fields. We have independent import and export rights. The major domestic markets are divided into the south area and the north area. The south area markets distribute in the costal cities and the cities along the rivers. The north area markets mainly distribute in the developed large and medium-sized cities. The foreign markets are mainly distributed in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries. We have a stable source of customers and a wide range of market applications.

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