Ethylenediamine Tetra (Methylene Phosphonic Acid) Sodium


CAS No. : 1429-50-1
Molecular Formula: C6H12O12N2P4Na8
Molecular weight: 612.13

EDTMPS is nitrogenous organic polyphosphonic acid. As a part of cathodic corrosion inhibitor, its corrosion inhibition is 3~5 times better than that of inorganic polyphosphate. It can be fully dissolved in water, innocuous and none pollution to environment, has good chemical stability and thermal tolerance. It shows excellent scale inhibition ability at 200℃. It can dissociate into 8 positive-negative ions, thus can chelate with many metal ions to form polymer reticulation complex, to destroy the normal crystallization of calcium scale. EDTMPS shows better antiscale effects to calcium sulfate and barium sulfate.

Items Index
Appearance Clear yellow to umber transparent liquid
Active component (EDTMPS)% 30.0min
Organic phosphonic acid (PO43- )% 10.0min
Phosphorous acid (PO33-)% 5.0max
Phosphoric acid (PO43- )% 1.0max
pH (1% aqueous solution) 9.5-10.5
Density (20 ℃ ) g/cm3 1.25min
Chloride ( Cl -) % 3.0max

EDTMPS can be used as corrosion inhibitor in circulating cooling water and boiler water. It is a chelating agent in non-cyanogen electroplating industry and a water-softening agent in printing & dyeing industry. When used alone, 2~10mg/L is preferred. When built with HPMA at a ratio of ETDMP: HPMA=1:3, it can be used in low pressure boilers. It can also be built with BTA, PAAS and zinc salt.

Package and Storage
200L plastic drum, IBC (1000L) or as customers’ requirement. Storage for ten months in shady room and dry place.

Safety Protection
EDTMPS is alkaline. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. In case of contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water or seek medical advice.

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